14 April - Wilt infections

Blossom wilt - Check cherries, plums, damsons and apricots. Apply Systhane 20EW (EAMUs required) to prevent infections and, if the disease is present, control with Indar 5EW (EAMU 2016-3059), Signum (EAMUs required) or Switch (EAMU 2010-3092).

Capsids, midges & leafhoppers - Spray Calypso (EAMUs required) Decis (non-IPM, EAMU 2014-1011), Envidor (EAMUs required), Hallmark WZT (EAMU 2008-2944) or Toppel 100 (EAMU 2015-1454) if holes or flecking - depending on the pest - are found on new growth on ornamentals. Chess WG (EAMUs required) will also prevent damage to buds and young leaves of Buxus, Caryopteris, choisya, dahlia, forsythia, hydrangea, Pyrus, Quercus and roses.

Compost tea - Useful disease suppression can be achieved, particularly on protected crops. Fargro, Martin Lishman, Symbio and XL Horticulture all sell brewing systems.

Lupins - Colletotrichum is a seed-borne disease that produces foliage distortion and spiralling. If seen, apply Cercobin WG (EAMUs required), Octave or Switch to try and reduce the damage.

Feeding - Water composts with an iron chelate EDDHA at the rate of 100g/10 litres of water diluted at 1:200. EDTA chelates do not work as well as a drench. Apply to ceanothus, cytisus, potentilla and crops looking pale and yellow.

Box blight - Apply Octave, Signum (EAMU 2012-2141) or Switch to crops grown on the nursery. Only prune plants in mild, dry conditions. Use sharp tools and disinfect blades in between batches of plants using an approved disinfectant.

Needle cast - Preventive applications of Bravo 500 (EAMU 2011-1130), Octave, Signum (EAMU 2012-2141) or Switch will control the spread of needle cast diseases that cause brown fronds.

Ribes blister aphid - Pest feeding causes leaf distortion, blistering and discolouration of foliage (red or sometimes yellow) and they are active now on crops. Control with Decis (non-IPM, EAMU 2014-1011), Hallmark WZT (EAMU 2008-2944), Spruzit or Pyrethrum 5EC.

Scab - This disease can infect overhead irrigated protected crops too. For good control use protectant and eradicant products such as Amistar (EAMU 2017-0456), Captan WDG (EAMU 2015-1919), Dithianon WG, Indar 5EW, Karamate Dry Flo Neotec, Scala, Signum (EAMUs required), Stroby WG, Systhane 20EW or Topas (EAMU 2015-2338).

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